Liza Donnelly: Drawing Upon Humour for Change


PART 4: Internet Scavenger Hunt:

1) Send me your answers in a WORD FILE to my email:

2) CITE your responses using Son of Citation Machine

3) Look for reputable internet resources. Stay away from personal blog sites, wikipedia, and find reputable organizations, articles, or well-known resources to find information.

4) Respond in YOUR OWN WORDS. You can paraphrase, but please do not cut and paste from these sites.

a) Go to Sudan Reeves’ website (the author in the documentary).
- What important event is coming up in April 2010 in Sudan? Why is it important?
- What are 5 International Human Rights Groups that are currently researching the Sudan?

b) -Find 3 other websites that provide information about the Crisis in Darfur.
-State 1 thing you didn’t know before from each site.

c) Look up the US Holocaust Museum.
-Explain 3 activities that they are doing to draw awareness and educate about genocide.

d) Mia Farrow has dedicated her life to drawing attention to the crisis in
Darfur. George Clooney has also been a leader in this area. What are some things that people can do to participate in preventing genocide?

put in image from red hand campaign
Human Rights Watch

International Convention of Human Rights

United Nations Declaration of the Rights of the Child

child labour
sex trade

Source: PBS website

Child Soldiers



New Film about child soldiers from Holland.

Womens' Rights